Largest Study Ever Done on Mammograms States They Are Pointless and Dangerous

Looking at the statistics, the percentage of deaths of women who lost their lives to breast cancer, were the same between the ones who didn’t have mammograms and the ones that had.

When someone wants to protect or prevent from cancer, the first thing you do is take precautionary measures, which means that you go to a mammogram every year. But according to the researches this method is completely pointless at its best, and it is very threatening and dangerous at its worst. No industry will admit these facts of course, because they wouldn’t like this money-making method to go down, which means that they will do everything in their power to hide or deny the truth.

According to the latest studies the mammography has been proven to be giving us false positives and do no good for us, instead it is inducing some cancer cells by the radiation. And the largest study ever done on this subject included 90,000 women and lasted for 25 years, and at the end of the study the conclusions about the mammograms were quite concerning, which is why the percentage of deaths of women who dealt with breast cancer were completely equal between the ones that didn’t have mammograms and the ones that had.

It turns out that the mammogram screening can sometimes be so harmful for the patient, it can show a result that is not true which later may lead to a chemotherapy, treatment and surgery which would be unnecessary.

Which just means tons of unnecessary radiation. What’s The Point?

Whenever a tumor occurs it can cause the development of cancer, but on its own it cannot harm us. Therefore when the specialists conclude that there is no potential threat for us, they want to treat it and eliminate it, which is the main cause for further complications. We must learn that we need to leave the tumors on their own!

Therefore you must be aware that putting yourself through a mammogram radiation therapy only to reduce your mortality chances will not do anything. Also there are a lot more studies which concluded the same, including the largest multiple studies ever done from Norway, in which scientists concluded the same facts as we mentioned above.

Mammograms are, in truth, useless and harmful!

The best proof for this fact is that the patients who put themselves under the mammogram radiation had an increased percentage of risk and were more likely to develop cancer, compared to the ones that didn’t. Which once more proves us that we cannot and we are not helping ourselves with this treatment, in fact we are “unhelping” ourselves.

And the false positives are not the only dangerous thing. As there is a chance to get a false positive, there is an equal chance to get a false negative on your results from the tests.

According to the National Cancer Institute, a life-threatening cancer can be mistaken or missed, at the time mammogram screening missed 20% of the cases of cancer, which have been present in the before! The main problem about it is that the cancer in the early stages is very hard to diagnose, in fact there are no concrete methods for diagnosing cancer.

Actually the pathologists which preform the scanning process don’t need any specialization for it. And that is the main reason why the results are farm from certain, and they sometimes even depend on the “flip coin” statistics.

Since the mammography is not the right thing to detect or diagnose cancer, many women became confused and hesitant because they don’t know how they can protect themselves from it.

Get This Now

There was a new, improved mammogram therapy which is so called the 3D Tomosynthesis. It was developed in order to be a good and far more sophisticated method, but it came out to be even more harmful. In fact it exposes us to a higher radiation levels, twice as much!

And the worst part?

The previous treatment was a 2D mammogram, and the next generation is  the 3D one we mentioned above, this means only higher levels of radiation which means more harm for us.

Preventing Cancer Through the Right Choices

If you are frightened or confused as many women are whenever this subject is mentioned, then we might have a few advice for you which can be helpful.

Just like any other disease or any other cancer type, its development depends a lot on the lifestyle we live and the choices we make.

Here are a few ways to avoid the development of it:

  • Avoid charred meats, and even if you are cooking for yourself don’t ever think about charring them.
  • Make sure that you are not in lack of iodine.
  • Avoid phthalates, synthetic hormone therapy, BPA and other xenoestrogens.
  • The risk of cancer can be increased even by an electric blanket.
  • Stay away from electromagnetic fields as much as you can.
  • Limit and avoid the alcohol intake as much as possible.
  • Try to include turmeric into your everyday diet, its active compound called curcumin will reduce the risk of developing cancer, and provide numerous benefits.
  • Stick to oils that are rich with omega-3 fat acids, that have a high quality and are healthy (animal-based), for example krill oil.
  • Drink at least a glass of green veggie juice on daily basis.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight and don’t ever be obese or overweight.
  • Be more active through the day, do more tasks, and workout regularly.
  • Improve your insulin sensitivity and leptin receptor.
  • Avoid any soy products that are in an unframed form.
  • Maintain your vitamin D levels.
  • Avoid sugars and processed foods (mostly refined fructose).

Staying Well-Informed is the Best Way to Protect Yourself

With all the lies being told from specialists, doctors and other people, we need to find another way to be sure in what is happening, and have evidence for it, or we simply need to see the truth of the results of all treatments.

Also you cannot trust a doctor every time he tells you something, many times he or she will try to brainwash you, just like many of the patients were.

It is left on us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and make decisions that would be beneficial for our overall health. No matter how frightening this sounds, but you cannot be sure about anything in this world. But those are the only ways we can see what is happening and stay informed, otherwise we wouldn’t even know that something is happening with us.



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