Leave A Glass Of Salt Water And Vinegar To Detect Negative Energies In Your Home

No matter how weird this may seem to you, but you can really have a reservoir of negative energy in your home. And we actually mean negative emotional energy that humans release.

That energy could be from the past homeowners or the past tenants, or that energy might be from the last big fight you had from a year ago with your partner.

Most commonly the science does not like tings that cannot be measured, or touched, or cannot be stored in a container and examined.

There are some forces that are invisible in this world and scientists discovered them. Among those forces is the energy and its expressions. Even though that we are unable to see it, we can feel it most of the time.

We may have studied a lot about the thermal or electrical energy, but about the emotional energy or also known as “vibes” is something that we have much to learn about and to understand.

Here is how a jar of water can help you detect negative energies in your home!

Has it ever happened to you, to walk inside a room and to feel a creepy sensation, a huge amount of dark energy? Or quite the opposite, you go inside and you feel inspired and it feels pretty light. These things can also apply to people, they sometimes carry good vibes, and sometimes they carry bad vibes.

There was a research at the University of Michigan, in which researchers have found out that energy can be attached to objects as well. Depending on the energy that is present, sometimes it can promote sickness, and sometimes it can promote healing.

Dr. Emoto has proven many years ago that the physical world around us is affected by the present energy. He also did an experiment on a crystalline structure of water, and how the music, words, thoughts and emotions affected it.

So before you yell at your pet, your partner or even your kids, remember that the energy you release will affect the water-based cells inside their body. But there are some good news, because the opposite of this is also possible.

Try this cool experiment for yourself, it doesn’t require any special ingredients, you probably already have them at home.

Negative Energy Water Trap


  • 16 ounces of filtered water
  • 2 teaspoons of granulated salt
  • 2 tablespoons of white vinegar


Put all of the ingredients in a clear glass, then stir well for a minute or so. Put the glass where you spend most of the time, and let it stay there throughout the entire day. You can see if the salt is rising, it is trapping the negative energy, and when it stops it has absorbed all of it, then you can put it in another room to cleanse it too.

Source: cleannaturalremedies.com


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