What Is MCT Oil And How Does It Benefit Your Health?

If you are constantly seeking for a healthier life than probably you are familiar with the MCT oil, which is used in many morning coffees and smoothies, or simply people drink it straight. But no matter how popular this oil is, some people don’t understand its qualities and benefits, and why this oil is referred as the healthiest oil of all, and it is the golden standard of the healthy fats.

Surely you are wondering how this oil is extracted, is there some kind of MCT exotic plant, how is it processed. Mostly this oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). There are some other oils in which you can find MCTs and other healthy fats, for example in the coconut oil, but in this MTC oil is contained far more complete types of MCTs, and there are 4 types of them.

The fats can be defined by how many carbons are contained in them, and they are made from connected carbon and hydrogen atoms. There are mostly from 6 to 12 carbon atoms in the medium-chain triglycerides. There are 4 types of them, and from most to least carbon types are the Lauric (C12:0), capric (C10:0), caprylic (C8:0), and caproic (C6:0) acids.

Due to this very unique chemical structure, when we compare this oil to other healthy fats, it allows our body to digest and break down MCTs more easily before they are sent to our liver. Then in the liver these are used to produce energy, which boosts our metabolism. This oil also contains one of the most powerful antioxidants which make it able to treat many diseases that cause inflammation.

MCT Oil Benefits

Here is a list of the top 6 benefits of the oil that can be provided, which we prepared for you, and hopefully you will see how beneficial this oil is and add it into your everyday diet.

1. Protects The Heart

There was a study which was done about the MCTs may be acting as thermogenics, and in the same study the scientists concluded that also they can be helpful in developing the metabolic syndrome, which is a syndrome that is increasing the risk of developing a heart disease. The ability of the oil may be coming from the strong anti-inflammatory properties that it contains.

2. Supports Healthy Weight

It looks like this oil is able to help you in the process of losing some extra weight, or at least may help you maintain a healthy weight if it is added into your everyday and well-balanced diet. There are some studies that proved that the MCTs are able to prevent from long-term weight gaining, because they are affecting our metabolism in a positive way.

According to the researches the MCTs are able to suppress the fat accumulation through simple fat oxidation and enhanced thermogenesis. Also the MCT oil is able to help in the case of insulin sensitivity, and boost your body’s glucose metabolism as well, therefore improving the ability of your body to burn fat.

3. Boost The Brain

Not long ago there was a study about the MCT’s abilities to fight against the Alzheimer’s disease. And during these studies, there were other studies which already concluded that the MCTs contained in the coconut oil have the ability to improve some memory problems, especially with Alzheimer’s disease in elderly people.

Since the MCT oil is affecting our digestive system, it means that it is also able to have an impact on our brain as well. The more we are learning about the bacterial imbalance and the leaky gut, it becomes more and more clear about the brain-gut bond which shouldn’t be ignored. Therefore if we balance the nutrient absorption, also be supportive to our gut’s health, we may start to feel many emotional and mental improvements as well!

4. Good For Gut Function

The healthy fats in the MCT oil are the ones that are improving the digestive system’s function and balance the gut microbiome, therefore the absorption of minerals and vitamins from the foods we eat is improved. Only a single study was needed to be done on animals to prove that the MCTs are able to improve the performance, health, growth of the bacterial gut and the digestion of the nutrients we absorb.

There is a study published in the Practical Gastroenterology which was done in the early 2017, in which it was found that the MCT oil is aiding our digestion due to their easy absorption. It was also found that people who are dealing with gastrointestinal disorders can benefit from this oil, because it is inhibiting the metabolizing process of certain calories.

5. Anti-Fungal, Antibacterial & Antiviral

Are you familiar with the antibiotic resistance? WHO (World Health Organization), reported that in the last few years the antibiotic resistance in people grew rapidly, which is quite frightening!

The main reason to start taking natural antibiotics is to kill the drug-resistant bacteria that found a way to fight against the antibiotics and overcome them, such as MCTs which should be in your daily diet already! The MCTs contained in the oil have the ability to eliminate the bacteria that is causing sinus infections, pneumonia, food poisoning, UTI’s, strep throat, gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory diseases and meningitis.

According to a study which was published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, it was concluded that the MCTs that have from 8 to 12 carbons were having better antibacterial and antiviral properties, than the long-chain monoglycerides, and also they had the ability to eliminate 4 types of different pathogens.

6. Can Be Cooked On High Heat

You know why the coconut oil and the MCT oil are better to be used when you cook? Because unlike the flaxseed oil or the extra virgin olive oil they can be cooked on high heat and they are not becoming easily rancid.

So now you know the qualities and the benefits of the MCT oil, and some of the coconut oil abilities as well. Would you include them into your daily regimen, in your coffee, smoothies or cook something with them? We recommend you to do that!

Source: runtastic.com


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