WHO: Medical Marijuana Has NO Public Health Risks and Should Not Be Withheld From Patients

The Medical Marijuana has been declared that it provides no health risks to the public, also that it is beneficial in case of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and also it is beneficial for cancer, this was reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), and it was published in the Daily Mail’s reports. Also WHO, added that the cannabis shouldn’t be considered a drug, since it is helpful for many diseases, just like it is considered in the U.S, and patients who need it to improve their situation should get it with no hold backs.

In a deep discussion whether the medical cannabis should be legal or not, the top health agency in the whole world has helped very much in this situation. While several U.S countries have made the medical cannabis legal for use, for patients who are in need of it, some states such as Indiana, are not making it legal, therefore the patients who are in need of it, are on the mission impossible task to get it, because the state doesn’t want and is not planning to legalize the medical cannabis because it is considered a drug.

Also in the U.S, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) is increasing the production of CBD products and opens more companies like these, and keeps the CBD still on the Schedule 1 drug. There is a slight problem with the FDA, it runs partially on the funds from drug companies, and also another problem, the FDA is the country’s main drug regulator. Which might be the main reason why Big Pharma tries to move the CBD to them, because then they will be able to claim the drug as their own. They’re doing this because, they are aware that the medical marijuana is far more beneficial and effective than the prescribed medications, opioids and drugs they are using.

The medical cannabis is not used on its full potential, even though it is far more beneficial and effective than many medications, and also it has been classified wrong. It can be used in many ways in the medicine. The medical cannabis is able to soothe pain, ease spasms and relax our muscles. To provide the effects we mentioned, it can be added topically, and it surely will provide a magnificent relief. Also it is able to treat digestive issues, helps to alleviate glaucoma, and treat nausea that is caused from chemotherapy. This product is able to provide all of these positive effects all by itself, and that is not the best thing about it, it provides these opium effects and it causes no harm to us, and it is not addictive, it has thousands of medical uses, which is why the WHO are recommending to every state in the U.S to make it legal for patients who are in need of it.

It is Time to Care About What We Wear

The things you wear every day are affecting the environment each in its different way, and these are facts that were scientifically proven. Do you know that the second largest polluter in the entire world is the Clothing Industry? Also the clothing industry pollutes the ocean on a global scale, contaminates our soil and also it decimates marine life. And to make the situation crystal clear, the non-organic cotton that is produced has proven to contain numerous toxins, and we mean in large doses inside it, which means we are constantly exposed to these toxins.

Which is why there are some clothing companies that are aware of all this, and actually care. Some of these companies are Dirt Shirt and SITO, which actually made a clothes that are friendly to the environment. These two companies are making the clothes from organic clothing, which is actually good and durable. The clothing is grown in the U.S, and their products and the number of customers they have are together supporting the world’s global organic textile production, and are against the world’s pollution from the clothing industry.

Besides these two companies Dirt Shirt and SITO, there are many others. Both of these organic clothing companies are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. All of the profit that the Dirt Shirt makes, is going for organizations that are nonprofitable such as the Organic Customers Association, for support.

Wearing one of these brands, will protect the environment and more importantly you will protect yourself from the harmful toxins and waste materials. Support these types of companies, support the global organic textile production, protect our environment, that way you will be healthy and we will live in a healthier world as well!

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