Natural Herb That Offers Numerous Medical Advantages – Oregano

There are more than 40 types of oregano, Origanum Vulgare is commonly used in culinary, but Origanum Minutiflorum, which contains up to 90% active ingredient called carvacrol, is considered the most luxurious type. Oregano oil has been used to treat wounds. Snake bites and airway issues.

Medicinal properties of oregano oil

The most valuable medicinal substance in oregano oil is carvacrol, an ingredient that has a strong antibacterial effect. Oregano oil is considered to be highly efficient against 25 different bacteria according to British scientists, and most against most bacteria causing colon infections and urinary tract, typhoid, cholera, ulcers and skin infections. Apart from destroying bacteria, this oil has a strong antiviral effect, which effectively protects against flu and cold, and can prevent the disease as soon as the first symptoms occur.

It destroys bacteria

Oregano oil works great against many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi that alter the shape and make it difficult to treat. Aggressive anti-fungal properties in oregano oil prevent difficult infections such as candida, fungi on the nails and the scalp. In case of candida, the oil is supposed to be drank, and in the fungus of the nails, it is applied locally. When a fungus occurs on the skin of the head, it is recommended to apply several drops of oil during shampooing.

It is possible to act against cancer

Oregano oil could become part of the cancer treatment. Scientists have tested the effect of carvacrol on prostate cancer cells, and a study published in April 2012 at the San Diego Diagnostic Exhibit showed positive results.

Prevent allergies

Oregano oil contains rosemary acid, which is a strong antihistamine and a powerful antioxidant and is usually used in the treatment of allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, rheumatic arthritis and gingivitis, so that only inhaling the oil helps with allergy.

It slows down aging

Antioxidant properties of oregano oil are beneficial for long-term health preservation. They protect against free radicals and recover the already damaged cells. It is known that antioxidants slow down aging, protect against cancer, prevent macular degeneration, loss of vision and hearing, nervous disorders, and many other diseases associated with the action of free radicals.

First aid in stings from insects and animals

Oregano oil has the power to neutralize poison stings, such as those of bees, snakes and spiders, and is also useful for preventing infections, reducing inflammation and pain from stinging wounds and bites from animals.

Help with sports injuries

It relieves muscle spasms and pains, helps to heal injuries, inflammation of tendons and the like, and its anti-inflammatory actions also make it a powerful drug for arthritis.


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