One Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You – Here Are The 6 Signs!

The most common injuries all across the globe these days are the heart attacks.

According to experts, your body will warn you six months before the heart attack, it is up to you to know these symptoms. If you are familiar with them, then it would be wise to visit the doctor right away or arrange an appointment.

The leading cause of deaths in the U.S are the heart diseases. There are many diseases that can affect the health of your heart in a negative way. The diseases that can affect your heart are arrhythmia, coronary artery disease and congenital heart defects.

You can easily improve your heart health by exercising, being on a healthier diet, increasing the intake of omega-3 fat acids, consuming iron supplements, or simply from natural food sources. You should take a look at these following symptoms that your body will warn you in case of a heart attack.

Signs of a Heart Attack

When the flow of oxygen and blood in a certain section of the heart is blocked, a heart attack occurs. When the heart muscle is in lack of oxygen it slowly begins to die. If the blood flow in that area is not restored as fast as possible, that area might remain dead. The entire heart might die if there isn’t and immediate medical intervention.

6 Signs that the body gives before a Heart Attack

1. Sleep Disturbances

The sleeping disturbances can also be a huge sign of a heart attack. The subconscious mind can be giving you warnings that something is not right with you. You will wake up several times during the night, you will go to the bathroom, or be thirsty all the time. Go immediately to the doctor if you don’t have an explanation for these sleeping disturbances.

2. Extreme Fatigue

Extreme fatigue might also be one of the earliest signs of a heart attack. After a long workout or exercising a lot, and being in many physical activities, the fatigue is a normal feeling. But if you are constantly feeling it, and you are tired all the time, then you might want to visit the doctor, because your heart might be signaling you.

It is simply not natural to eat well, get enough sleep not exercise or workout and still be exhausted.

3. Increased Anxiety

If you are constantly on the low energy levels, you feel anxious, then you really need to go and see a doctor.

4. Indigestion

The indigestion is also among the early signs of a heart attack. It is not a normal thing, your stomach to growl all the time. Indigestion can be caused most commonly from irritating and some spicy foods.

5. Shortness of Breath

One of the most common signs of a heart attack might be the constant shortness of breath. You can feel the shortness of breath when your heart is not getting enough oxygen.

6. Weak or Heavy Arms

Impulses to your spine might be sent if your heart is not receiving enough oxygen. Once this happens, the nerves that are interconnected from your arms, spine and heart, your may be starting to feel impulses and pain in your arms. Also you might start to feel numbness, this means you might had a heart attack.

Knowing these early stage warning signs of a heart attack can save yours or anyone’s life!