How Pomegranate Puts Chemo and Radiation to Shame

The radiation and the chemo therapy had became the normal and standard treatment for killing cancer cells. Ever since, the oncology are going through their dark ages. Sometimes they cause more harm to the patients than they are helping them, the side effects are deadly. So this is why the question is asked, “Does the scientific community are aware that there are cancer-killing foods that can treat cancer better then their methods, which make things even worse.

The latest studies over the past 15 years, that were done by medicine and biology, have shown us that cancer treatments were a failure and are the cause for making cancer worse. The stem cancer cells are representing a small tumor population of cells (1:1000). They have stem abilities, and are able to do a self-renewal process. These cells may be the cause to develop tumor, metastasis, progression and can be highly resistant to radiation and chemo therapy treatments. A study has shown that the therapies that we use, such as chemotherapy and radiation can only make things worse, and increase the number of these cells and malignancy. The radiotherapy is also able to make non-cancer breast cells into cancer stem cells, that is why these treatments need to stop now!

Read and learn more from the study “Radiation Therapy Can make Cancers 30x more Malignant.” Also you can watch the video “The truth about why Chemo and Radiation Fail” that is below and find your answers to your questions.

The Key to Curing Cancer: Cancer Stem Cells

Today’s standard of care of in oncology that is far more than good, is revealed by the discovery of cancer stem cells in the heart of the cancer malignancy. Also they are desperate to find another safer way, to not harm the patient. To kill the cancer cells, and not even harming a little bit of the non-cancer cells, they are still unable to find the key to the treatment.

There are many ways and strategies to kill and get rid of cancer stem cells. Also there are substances like turmeric, along with other foods, herbs and plants. Neither chemo therapy or radio therapy can cure cancer. Sometimes they are strengthening the cancer stem cells. That is the main reason why sometimes after the therapies cancer comes back even stronger and more aggressive.

The treatments are resisted because of the huge cancer stem cell populations. This topic is for those that desire to use their food as their medicine.

The Truth About Why Chemo and Radiation Fail: Cancer Stem Cells

Pomegranate Confirmed to Be a Cancer Stem Cell Killer

A few studies have been looking the effects of pomegranate extract on cancer stem cells.

One of the studies said that this food has the most potential of killing cancer stem cells, and their study was published in the Chemical Toxicology and Food journal.

Researchers kept looking at the interaction of pomegranate with colon cancer stem cells (CSCs). Actually, they looked at:

“the effects against colon CSCs of two mixtures of ellagitannin (ET) metabolites, ellagic acid (EA) and the gut microbiota-derived urolithins (Uro) at concentrations detected in the human colon tissues following the intake of ET-containing products (pomegranate, walnuts).”

Confirmed by the researchers, these mixtures are able to suppress colon CSCs that are taken from a patient with primary tumor and has colorectal cancer. They showed the benefits of these mixtures, saying that the cancer stem cells may become aggressive and invasive or even lethal cancers in time.

The authors of this study have said that:

“These data support a role for polyphenols metabolites in the control of colon cancer chemoresistance and relapse and encourage the research on the effects of polyphenols against CSCs.”

The second study was done, to see the interaction of pomegranate and cancer stem cells. The study was then published in the Nutrition and Cancer journal. The study shows the ability of the extract from pomegranate to kill breast cancer stem cells, and clumps of them that are called mammospheres. Researches from the study have said that:

“PE inhibited mammosphere formation in two different cell lines, neoplastic mammary epithelial HMLER and breast cancer Hs578T. In addition, mammosphere-derived cells from PE treatment groups showed reduced mammosphere formation for at least two serial passages.”

Researchers from this study also found out that, pomegranate extract has the ability to promote breast cancer stem cells (its properties that are chemopreventive), also this extract can prevent from epithelial-to-mesenchymal (EMT). This program is the key to generating CSCs, and also maintain their characteristics as well.

From these findings, the researches from the studies have said:

“To prevent from breast cancer, we can use the ability of pomegranate extract to suppress CSCs.”

We still hope that these kind of researches will help the medicine to use more plant-based therapies, and get rid of the chemo therapy and radiation therapy. In many studies, you will find that the plants and herbs are the ones that can cure cancer, not the chemicals and the therapies that we use. The video below will teach you more about this:

Macro Implications of the Microbiome [Functional Forum]



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