Reasons Why You Should Not Touch These 7 Body Parts With Your Bare Hands

The risk of illness is increased if we wear jewelry or long nails, which are well-known collectors of impurities.

Therefore, these parts of the body should be touched very carefully.

Studies show that hands are the most common bacteria transmitters, which make us ill. Even if we regularly wash our hands, touching our surfaces with our hands and fingers, we put health at risk.

1. Face

Touching your face with your bare hands should be kept to a minimum or limited to morning dressing, make-up and creams.

When touching dirty surfaces, and then relying on your or your fingers, you are at risk of skin infections.

2. Ear shell

Spinning fingers and other sticks in the ear shell damage the health of the wheeze. “The skin of this part of the body is very thin and prone to inflammation,” said American otolaryngologist John C. Niparko.

The doctor says frequent scratches in the ears can cause a large number of medical conditions that require adequate treatment. Therefore, if you feel frequent itching in your ears, you should visit a medical doctor better than accept some of the “do it yourself” ideas.

3. Eyes

Contact with eyes is only permitted if you place contact lenses or remove pieces of dirt. Apart from these justified reasons for touching, avoid finger-flushing your eyes.

“Touching the eyes can cause redness or serious infection,” warns ophthalmologist Kimberly Kokerham.

Do you suffer from dry eyes, itching or other inconvenience associated with this part of the body? Contact your doctor, don’t solve your problem your own will.

5. Nose cavity

Stop digging in search of “gold”! People who have the habit of pushing their fingers have a 51 percent chance of getting bacteria “Staphylococcus aureus.”  These data have been published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology since 2006.

6. Area under the nails

Experts advises that the nails should be short, because the skin under the nails is a very sensitive part of the body in which dangerous bacteria are collected and retained.

The risk is greater if this part of the body is not regularly cleaned, or we do it in an unsuitable way -- pushing the nails of the other hand or sharp objects under the sensitive nail of the nails. Short fingernails, however, are enough to get redundant.

7. Butt

Wiping with toilet paper after a complete need and washing this part of the body is the maximum of the contact who should be dedicated to its background.

The area around the anus contains bacteria that can potentially be harmful to health, warns Dr. Jared V. Klein from the Medical Center in Harborville. After each contact a part of the body, hands should be washed away.


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