Rosehip Oil: the Anti-Aging Oil?

Do you think that the model Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the Duchess of Cambridge have anything in common? They all do indeed, they are using the same treatment to keep their skin blemish-free and smooth, only by using rosehip oil.

We never even imagined that we would recommend anything else besides coconut oil for skin care, but the rosehip oil is also very beneficial, it is also known as the rosehip seed oil, and it is a potent rival to the coconut oil when it comes to comparing their benefits. Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and Mayans used the rosehips because of its healing properties.

The rosehip oil was used to make a syrup of it and then it was rationed in Britain during the war, and it was used on children to protect them from infections. The empty seed cases were used to make the syrup, also it was used for menstrual and stomach cramps, indigestion, nausea and diarrhea. Looking at these facts, it is clear that the rosehip oil can be used for many issues not only for skin care, and all of this is because of its healing properties.

Why is this oil so effective?

This oils is made from the seeds from certain rose, it is known as Rosa moschata or Rosa aff. Rubiginosa, actually this is the fruit that is left after the rose flowers and it drops the petals. Mostly the rosehips that are used for the oil producing are harvested in Chile where these rose bushes grow, and they are full of antioxidants, essential fat acids and vitamins which are very useful to hydrate itchy and dry skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, reduces the appearance of scars and also corrects dark spots.

The oil is taken from the seeds and the hips, with a cold press process that extracts the oil from them. There are countless benefits if this oil is used for facial skin care, if it is applied topically. Using this oil will increase the cell turnover and it will protect the skin, it is a rich source of vitamin D,E and C, and also B-carotene, which actually is a different form of vitamin A, due to these vitamins and minerals, the oil has the ability to fight against free radicals and also because it is rich with antioxidants.

The rosehip oil has these healing properties because of its chemical structure. As we said it is a rich source of essential fat acids, including palmitic, oleic, gamma linoleic and linoleic acid. Also it is high in polyunsaturated fat acids or vitamin F, or it is also called essential fat acid (EFA), and when this acid is absorbed through our skin, the fat acids are converted into prostaglandins (PGE), that are included in the regeneration of the tissue and cellular membrane.

The regeneration is the main thing that provides the anti aging effects. It is very rich in vitamin C, which makes it one of the most beneficial plants for skin care which is another reason why the rosehip oil is the perfect choice.

The Benefits of Rosehip Oil

1. Protects from Age Spots

The skin can be damaged and age spots may occur, because of the harmful UV rays from the sun, also it may cause discoloration on the facial area. The antioxidants that are contained in the rosehip oil are able to fight against free radicals which are causing the damage on our skin. The fat acids from the oil combined with vitamin A, are able to improve the pigmentation, texture and skin tone as well.

The UV rays are able to lower the collagen, but vitamin C can prevent from this damage. The rosehip oil is very beneficial and it is able to get rid of irritation or redness. This is another proof that the rosehip oil is able treat rosacea.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

The rosehip oil also has anti-aging effects, especially for your facial skin. Non-greasy and super light, the benefits are coming from the richness in antioxidants and its ability to go deeper in our skin layers. The collagen production is stimulated by the vitamin A and vitamin C. The oil is able to penetrate deeper because the molecules of vitamin A are very small, which is why the skin is moisturized and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.

If you want to avoid Botox or chemicals and commercial products that contain chemicals, the rosehip oil is the right choice for you, it will provide amazing effects. It is the safest solution that will restore the skin’s elasticity and it will repair its surface.

3. Boosts the Immune System

Vitamin C is very beneficial because it boosts our immune system, treats infections, then the rosehip oils is perfect because it is a rich source of vitamin C, therefore it will boost your immune system as well. The vitamin C is an antioxidant, but also it is stimulating the production of collagen in our body, which is one of the most important ingredient for our muscle and bone structure. Vitamin C is responsible for the absorption of iron, which is stimulating the production of red blood cells.

4. Reduces Scarring from Acne and Helps With Eczema

The essential fat acids that are contained in the rosehip oil are able to eliminate scars and reduce the symptoms of eczema and also promote regeneration of the skin. The essential fat acids are in fact emollients, that are improving our skin’s permeability and flexibility, and also they help in the repairing process.

Since the vitamin A is able to improve the skin tone and texture, then it also takes a place of an important role. The essential fat acids that are contained in the oil are able to reduce itchiness and dry scalp, that most commonly are caused by the chemicals that are inside of the shampoos we use.

5. Reduces Osteoarthritis

There was a research done by the University of Maryland, and they said that the tea from rosehip is a natural cure for inflammation. If anyone is dealing with osteoarthritis can benefit from a single cup of rosehip tea on daily basis. There is also another study which was reported by the Arthritis Research UK, in which was also proved that rosehip is beneficial in the case of osteoarthritis. It was concluded that there were positive effects provided in those who consumed rosehips, compared to the ones that didn’t.

The hip flexion is significantly improved by the rosehip, if its compared to the placebo. Also more of the participants have reported pain relief by the rosehip, compared to the ones that had placebo instead of rosehip. The group of participants that consumed rosehip had also reported that they have reduced some diseases that have related symptoms like a morning stiffness, and also they have significantly declined painkiller use. Also it is known that adding a few drops of rosehip oil in your warm bath can reduce inflammation as well.

Tips on How to Use Rosehip Oil

  • Even if the cold-pressed rosehip is more expensive it is perfect, because it hasn’t been exposed to heat, which means it hasn’t lost any nutrients.
  • You need to take care of this oil, because it can easily go rancid. Therefore to improve its shelf life, you can add a few drops of vitamin E oil in it. Or simply keep it in a dark, cool location in your house.
  • This oil is perfect for experimentation for serums and DIY lotions, like the Rosehip Oil Eye Serum for Puffiness & Dark Circles.
  • Because this oil is classified as dry oil, this means that it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is safe to add it directly on your face, and be very gentle, and do circular motions, or simply add it to your homemade skin care products and recipes.
  • Like we mentioned it is perfect for the reduction of the appearance of scars and acne, but don’t apply it directly on the acne which are active.
  • To provide the most benefits, apply this oil twice on daily basis, and be aware that it can’t help in case of a sunburn.
  • This oil can be beneficial for all types of skin from dry to normal skin users, because it is a dry oil and it is absorbed quickly by our skin.
  • But if you are having an oily skin, first test the oil on a certain area to make sure that the product will not clog the skin pores, which can cause flare-ups.



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