Scientists Confirm Benadryl Increases Your Risk Of Dementia! 4 alternatives you can switch to immediately

We are sure that many of you who have opened this topic, know how it feels to have the tree pollen allergy. The itching, the sneezing, the runny nose, they can be quite disturbing.

Before reaching for the Benadryl, read the things below.

Benadryl Linked To Memory Loss

Benadryl is classified as a drug, and sometimes if you take it, it may cause side-effects on your memory. The side-effect of memory loss, was believed that it was revisable to the brain. But that is not the case anymore.

JAMA Internal Medicine, published a study that told everybody, that using products like Benadryl for a long period, may cause dementia. The study was done on 3434 people over the age of 64, and was done for almost a decade.

Many drugs that are similar to Benadryl, are prescribed every day to random people who visit the doctor, but the study we told you about showed that 23.2% of the participants developed dementia.

Even with these findings, people still keep using it, and doctors prescribe it. So, to prevent from these side-effects and illnesses, what should you take instead these drugs? Here are some natural remedies, that you can replace the drugs with, give them a try!

4 Natural Allergy Remedies

  • Stinging Nettle

According to a study that was done, 58% of the volunteers who participated, got a relief from the allergy by using a freeze-dried nettle. The stinging nettle, is mostly used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, it can be cooked into many recipes or prepared as tea. It will provide many health benefits, you can get it in any health store.

  • Quercetin

This is a strong antioxidant, it can be found in green tea, apples, red onions and many more. Some studies were done to find out the abilities of this antioxidant, and they found that it is able to provide allergies and has strong anti-allergy effects. To treat a seasonal allergy should be between 250 and 600mg.

  • Bromelain

This substance can be found in the stem of pineapples and in pineapple juice. This ingredient is stimulating the process of producing enzymes, which prevent swelling from allergies. Pineapples are a year-round available, but you can find Bromelain more concentrated online or in any healthy food store.

  • Vitamin C

For allergy relief, vitamin C is the most commonly used natural source, also to prevent from them. Vitamin C speeds up the process of detox in your body and prevents the creation of histamines. To treat your allergies, most of the experts recommend 2 grams of vitamin C.

Before you think of going to the doctor for your season allergy, remember the side-effects and think wisely. Try these natural remedies, don’t go to the doctor right away, because that could be the worst thing, you just might do at the moment.

Check out the video below for more natural remedies!



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