Scientists Explain What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Coffee Every Day

Mostly people drink coffee because they feel more energetic and focused after they drink it. And this is the biggest misunderstanding for the coffee. But is it healthy though? How does it affect your health?

What’s the proper amount of coffee that we should consume on daily basis? Well after you read about how coffee affects us you will surely understand why people use it that much.

Even though that a lot of us like to drink it with a few teaspoons of sugar, you can get the benefits and positive effects from the coffee only by drinking it pure and black, with no sugar or milk in it.

And be very aware that the organic coffee, that has no extra added flavors in it, is always the best choice you can make.

Here is what will happen if you drink coffee on daily basis:

1. The Coffee is Able to Increase our Brain Health

According to a lot of studies, the consumption of 3-5 cups of coffee on daily basis can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by 65% in men in their middle ages, and also women. Also it was proven that the risk of Parkinson’s disease can be lowered with this dose of coffee by 32 to 60%.

The coffee is able to inhibit the adenosine, which is a brain nucleoside that is reducing the neuron firing and releasing very important neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, dopamine and also serotonin.

Because the coffee has the ability to block serotonin, it stimulates our chemicals in our brain that makes us feel good. Also the coffee is able to improve our memory, reaction time, alertness, cognitive performance, and mostly our mood!

2. It Boosts and Increases our Metabolism

Maybe this is the main reason why people are drinking coffee every day. We all know that feeling when you get up early in the morning on a Monday, and you are totally unprepared for the whole day, but you take the cup that is full of joy, and when you finish it, you feel more free and energized, just like a little energized bunny.

But however this energy doesn’t last for the whole day, it just gives us the ability to start the day. Also according to some studies, taking coffee after a workout can increase your metabolism.

There was a study which was published by the Journal of Applied Physiology, in which it was proven that the athletes who took a cup of coffee right after their workout, had increased their muscle glycogen by 66%. In other words, these athletes restored their energy after their workout much faster than the others who didn’t consume coffee.

3. The Risk of Skin Cancer is Reduced

There was a study which was published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, in which it was proven that adults who consumed at least 4 cups of coffee on daily basis, had reduced the risk of getting a malignant melanoma by 20%.

Some researchers have even told that the coffee is high in phytochemicals and antioxidants, which gives it the ability to prevent from skin cancer, and reduce the risk of any type of cancer.

4. It Makes You Feel Good

A study which was done by the Harvard Public School of Health, which proved that men and women (adult) that consumed from 2 to 4 cups of coffee on daily basis, had reduced the risk of suicide by 50% , compared to the people who didn’t consume coffee or the ones that consumed decaf coffee.

The coffee is very high with the vitamins B1,B2,B3 and B5, also it has a lot of other essential nutrients, including potassium and manganese. And when you mix all of these ingredients together, you get the perfect happiness mixture -- coffee!

5. The Risk of Type 2 Diabetes is Reduced

Also there was another study by the Harvard Public School of Health, in which it was shown that people who drank at least 1 cup of coffee on daily basis, and constantly increased their dosage over the period of 4 years, had successfully lowered the risk of type 2 diabetes by an amazing 11%, compared to the individuals who didn’t increase their dosage over the years.

Also people who lowered their intake of coffee on daily basis, and they lowered it by at least 1 cup, they have increased the risk of type 2 diabetes by 17%.

6. The Risk of Liver Cancer is Reduced

Hepatocellular carcinoma is taking the sixth place in the list of most commonly diagnosed cancers. And also it is third on the list of cancers that caused most deaths.

The risk of Hepatocellular carcinoma can be reduced by taking one cup of coffee on daily basis by 20 %, it can also be reduced by 35% by taking 2 cups a day, and consuming 4 cups a day you can lower the risk by an amazing 50%. But if you look at what the FDA recommends, you should not intake more than 400 mg of coffee on daily basis (which is actually 4 cups).

The coffee has the ability to reduce the risk of liver cancer and cirrhosis, and this was scientifically proven!

Now that you have accumulated all of this knowledge, we are sure that you will continue to enjoy the dark and delicious medical drink, or start doing it right away if you haven’t been drinking it by now!



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