The Secret to Back Pain is in Your Feet! Learn 10 Exercises That Will Fix Everything!

At least for one time each one of us will feel back pain in our lives. Mostly it appears because of no physical activity or improper posture, but certain sprains and injuries can also cause a lot of back pain. The back pain can disappear for a while and after a few days to come back again, or it can stay for a long time and be very debilitating. Today if you are suffering from back pain we would like to tell you some simple exercises that will help you relieve from that pain, improve your mobility or reduce it.

Many experts have recommended feet exercises to relieve from intense back pain and improve mobility. If you manage to strengthen your leg muscles and feet muscles, your balance will be improved so as your body posture, therefore you should regain mobility as well. We should maintain the health of our feet, because constantly each they our feet are under pressure from our weight, our shoes and they are teared apart every day.

But, who does pay attention to their feet, or the health of their feet? Almost nobody. As the time passes, if we don’t take care of our feet the walking can get quite difficult, and that may cause a lot of back pain, and many other aches and pains as well. After we get over 50 years, the risk of feet problems is increased, and if these problems occur, the mobility and body posture are also affected!

There is no other way to keep your muscles in shape or maintain a proper blood flow, besides exercising. And also this can be the main cause for back pain as well. The balance that we have is also depending on the proper bone and muscle alignment and our body posture as well -- you may also suffer from back pain, if something is improperly aligned. Many studies have proven that women who are wearing high heels have higher risk of having back pain, due to the improper body posture. Therefore if you are experiencing back pain, you must get rid of the high heels, wear something more comfortable and make a few changes in your lifestyle.

In the list below we will show you the top 10 exercises which can improve your muscle alignment, your body posture and your blood flow as well. These exercises have the ability to relieve you from the back pain, by keeping your feet in the right shape.

Toe Walking

This is a very simple exercises which takes such a little time. You can preform this exercise anywhere you want, you just need to take off your shoes, in order to stretch your muscles and ligaments in your feet you must walk for 20 seconds on your toes.

Toe Stretches

While sitting on a chair put one leg over the opposite thigh, then use the opposite arm to shake your toes and stretch them very gently. Do this for about 10 seconds, and do 3 reps of it.

Toe Pencil Grasp

This is a very simple exercise, you just need to put a pen on the ground and try to grab it with your toes, once you have, you need to hold on to it for about 5 seconds and that’s it. Do this from 10 to 15 times.

Toe Pressing

This will boost your blood flow in the feet which will relax your feet muscles. Stand tall and bend our knees only a little bit, then you should grasp the floor as hard as possible. Hold on for about 3 seconds and do 10 reps of this exercise.

Heel Tendon Stretch

Stand tall and face the wall, then you should put one leg in front of you and bend that knee. Then use your hips to move towards the wall, but don’t lift your heels off the floor. Hold this position as longer as possible (at least half a minute), and repeat it with the other leg as well.

Ankle circles

There are many fun and easy ways to stretch your feet and relax the feet muscles. And this exercise is one of them, you just need to lay down on the floor and stretch both legs towards the ceiling, and just make circles up in the air with both of your feet. Rotate them counter-clockwise and clockwise for about 10 seconds, do 2 to 3 repetitions.


Sit down on the floor, then you should extend your legs and cross one of the thighs over the other one. Now try to reach your toes with your palm by bending forward, if you do grab them, just pull them in the opposite direction for half a minute. Then switch legs and do the same.

Legs and Toes upward Stretching

Lie down on your back and try to stretch your legs in front of you, then use a towel to wrap one of your feet, and pull it towards your head but be very gentle. Once you reached your maximum hold that position for 20 to 30 seconds, then repeat with the other leg as well.

Foot Massage

One of the greatest ways to relieve from a back pain is a gentle foot massage, which will improve your mobility and relax your feet as well. You can use a tennis ball to roll it on the floor with your foot, for at least one minute.

Resistance Band Stretch

Sit down on the floor with your back straight, and place your legs in front. Now use the resistance band to wrap one of your legs in it, and the other end of the resistance band on the chair. Then start pulling backwards to flex your foot muscles, pull until you feel a resistance, and when you feel it you should hold that position for 15 seconds or more. Do 2 to 3 reps from this exercise with each feet.



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