How To Squelch Stagnation For Clear Skin, More Energy + A Better Mood

Do you fell that body and mind staleness after stressing out or eating an unhealthy meal for lunch or dinner? Well it is not only the panic talk and the pizza we’re talking about here. Your body begins to eliminate the extra energy junk it has stored, which is called stagnation in the Chinese traditional medicine.

If it is left unchecked, the stagnation can often cause mental blocks, inflammation, moodiness, pain and breakouts. But getting rid of this junk energy can reignite a level of vibrancy and inner vitality that were never familiar to you.

Mona Dan of Vie Healing, who is a herbal professional and an acupuncturist, was asked to teach some of the best techniques for healing these symptoms, getting back in balance and diagnose or spot the stagnation.

What Is Stagnation?

Stagnation, translated is something like an inflammation. In Chinese, especially in the medicine, inflammation has multiple meanings. Inflammation can mean lack of flow in our blood, lack of fluid in our metabolism which causes water retention or lack of flow in our muscle layer. We can resolve stagnation by having the proper diagnosis and a very unique approach to it. In the Chinese medicine stagnation can be elevated by a couple of factors or reasons:

Blood Stagnation -- After a traumatic incident or if someone is dealing with anemia, when a person is not eating well, when someone doesn’t move enough, or when somebody doesn’t have enough “umph” in their body to move the blood around, this is the issue that occurs.

Energy Stagnation or “Qi” -- This condition usually makes us feel like we have a fatigue, we are feeling emotionally “stuck” and mostly it occurs because of too much stress.

“Damp” Fluid Stagnation -- When somebody is consuming a lot of fried food, too much raw/cold food, or eats a lot of greasy foods, There is almost no healthy hydration in order to move the body fluid around nicely, due to the body’s fluid congeal, which causes accumulation of toxic, sticky water.

How To Spot A Stagnation Situation?

Inflammation and stagnation are causing a domino effect on our body. The Chinese traditional medicine explain this the next way. Our blood vessels in our body are like the highways, there is side stress and main stress. There are smaller ones and there are bigger ones. If we don’t want traffic to build up in our body, we need to sleep well, eat well and healthy and move well too. Whenever there is a congestion on the highway because of an accident, this is a jam with energy that is looking just like stagnation before the accident was made. And after that “accident” there is emptiness. What we’re seeing is deficient flow and excess stagnation. On one of the ends there is too little and on the other one there is too much.

Common Stagnation Symptoms:

  • Constant dull pain or sharp pain
  • Frequent sighing
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Irritability and emotional sense of depression
  • You feel like nothing is changing inside your body, but you feel very different
  • Feeling distention in the upper stomach, in the chest, or in the entire abdomen. It can move from one to another place as well.

In order to reset the whole nervous system, acupuncture is highly recommended. Also exercising regularly can be very good. We have a few short tips for you, that will make your blood, energy and fluids to move around in order to eliminate the stagnation in your body.

3 Ways To Squelch Stagnation

Hydrate with Citrus -- Have a glass of citrus juice at least once on daily basis. Also you can prepare a tea that will make everything to move around, it requires: lemongrass, orange peels, and schizandra berries, which will make your fluids, blood and energy to move. This mixture will assist the blood in detoxification and will supply our body with a lot of nutrients.

Eat Warming Foods -- If you want to quickly rev up your nerve system you need to have warming foods for breakfast, which will also keep things moving around. This means that you need to take a break from all the smoothies for breakfast, the cold coffees and teas, and you need to take a warm meal, such as eggs with dates and avocado toast, or get an oatmeal with chia and hemp seeds. You need to know that our whole metabolism is shut down when we consume something cold in the morning, such as cold drinks and foods. When we get up, our metabolism is slowly warming up, which is why we need to support it as much as possible to get your day started properly!

Take Proper Supplements -- Start taking herbal supplements that contain adaptogens or that are filled with them. Adaptogens are helping our body to adapt to stress, that way our nerve system can function properly. There is a list of few herbal supplements that contain adaptogens which are resetting our whole nerve system: one is for restlessness, one is for mind-racing issues, one is for stress, and one is for people who are feeling sluggish and then want to reset.

Do this Every Day -- Doing these 3 techniques every day, hydrating, eating warm foods and having a citrus drink at least once on daily basis, and taking the right supplements will create a well balanced mind and body and also clear the stagnation very quickly.



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