How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

The ability to feel compassion towards another person, is called sympathy. But on the other hand, we have empathy, which goes way beyond sympathy. Empathy is not only to see or recognize other person’s emotions, but to also feel them as your own.

And sometimes, a strong empathize can absorb a lot of suffering, pain and stress from the environment they are in. This bothers them a lot, it brings them down emotionally and they are unable to function normally, or be at high level.

If you have spent some time with a friend or a relative that is very negative, you would’ve notice that you are quickly taking the same mentality for your own. There is a way to stop this, in order to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed from absorbing negative energy.

Therefore, learning how to ignore this negative energy, and defending from it is a real treasure. Because the emotional state of a person, affects them physically, mentally and even spiritually. Own it!

Which is why we give you 5 quick ways to avoid a person’s negative energy:

1. Know when you need to say “No”

If a guest came at your place, would you let him ruin your carpet with his muddy shoes, or would you make him clean his shoes first and then enter your space? What would you do if you invite him for lunch once, and he constantly keeps coming at his own will? And what would you do if he invites himself to sleep at your place every night, just because he is closer to his workplace? What would you do if he did all of this without an invitation?

It is a wonderful thing to be generous, but you need to recognize the thin line if your generosity is not being taken for advantage by the other person. Set some boundaries and borders and stand behind them, don’t let any emotional vampires, naysayers or freeloaders to take advantage in the place of your comfort!

Know that this is your body, your life, your time and these things are the most sacred thing about you, so be careful to what kind of people you open your doors, and let them in your personal space. Don’t feel uncomfortable to say no, it is normal, so you can say it as much as you think and you need. Before giving someone a place in your life, first set the standards and boundaries and after that if they agree you can let them in.

2. Let go of people pleasing

If you hear that someone has been talking bad about you of gossiped, don’t take any of that personal, because if you do you will go down on their level, they will drag you more and more into their negativity field and make your emotional status depend on their opinion and what they say.

Be aware that not everyone you meet or you know, will like you but that is okay, they don’t need to. Not everyone has the same idea and personality, not everyone dislikes and likes the same things, and these are the things that make us individuals. Step up to everything and everyone with love, this will create a force field around you, and this will protect you from anyone’s negative energy and will stop you from thinking bad of yourself, just because someone said something bad.

3. Stop feeding the Beast

Above in the article, we mentioned a term “emotional vampire”, these are people who have parasitic personalities, and they are in need of you, because they feed on your affection and attention, and they will do anything to suck all of your efforts and leave you dry. At first, it will seem like it is worth what you’re doing for them, but after a while you will be left with no energy, and they still wouldn’t have any problem solved. If they are determined to stay a victim of everything, their thirst for your attention and love will never end and will never be satisfied.

It is very generous to offer an ear for listening for a friend in need, or even a stranger, you can give support to those who really need it, but be very aware that someone’s call for help can be simply a thirst for attention. The more attention and love you give to them, and the more meaning you give to their problems, the more you will be drained out of energy, and there will be less results.

It is not your problem or your responsibility, to solve and take other people’s problems as your own, especially if they are these “emotional vampires” and they don’t even want their problems solved. They just want pity from you, they are always the victims of something. When you recognize these people, simply leave the situation as it is, and be sure that they are in no need for help. There is nothing wrong, in not wanting to be dragged in someone’s personal life drama.

4. Return to your Nature

It happens often, to need a break and that is fine. Because sometimes, other people’s problems and their chaotic energies can be very hard to be taken, and they can bring you down a lot. So, take a weekend with your loved ones, or take a day or an hour for yourself, and go some place peaceful. Let the modern voices of our society be replaced with the voices of nature. Think deeply about the simplicity of nature, the coexistence of the animals and this world, the meaning of our existence here.

It is good to meditate, breathe deeply and try to focus on the process of filling your body with fresh air, feel your spiritual levels rising up, feel the fresh oxygen. When you return to the modern world again, you’ll feel a lot more energetic and you will absorb less negative energy from others.

5. Remember who’s responsible for you!

You are the only one that can tell how you feel, you are the only one that is responsible for the situation in your life, 100% responsible for what you let influence your emotions and thoughts, and if anything affects you bad and you are in lack of happiness, you are the only one that can fix that! The perception you have for yourself is the most important, not some random person’s opinion, but yours and yours only!

Once you take control of your emotions, there is no one that can bring you down. When you feel the self confidence, no one will be able to make you feel this or that, no one will be able to throw you out of balance or ruin your emotional status.

Take control of your life, take the choices in your hands and let positive energies affect you. Be in company with someone who boosts your emotions and affects you in a good way. Love others, feel free to say no, be generous and kind, and feel free to walk out of a negative field. Remember, you are the one that is responsible for what happens in your life, so try make it magnificent, you only have one!



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