Stop Buying Avocados. Here’s How You Can Grow An Avocado Tree In a Small Pot At Home!

You are surely familiar with the fact that avocados are almost everywhere, because this green little fruit is added into almost every meal, and in the best recipes in any restaurant in the world. It is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin B5, vitamin K, and huge amounts of potassium. Also the best thing about this fruit is, that it contains the beneficial healthy fats which are good for our heart health, and it contains huge amounts of fiber as well.

The price of the avocado has grown up to 25% in the past couple of years, and that is the only downside about this avocado trend. If you want to eat fresh and organic avocados, as well as save yourself some money, we can help you grow an avocado tree at home. When we mention the word “tree” everyone thinks that it will take a large area of your house, but that is not true, because the avocado tree is very small and it is very easy to take care of.

You cannot rely on your baby avocado tree to supply your home party or your gathering dinner, but with a little bit of time and a lot of love, you will be able to harvest some of the best, raw and organic avocados in your life. Interested?

How to Grow an Avocado Tree From a Seed


Get the seed form an avocado, then clean it well with water, and dry it. Make sure you know which end is the bottom and which end is the top. Then get 4 toothpicks and stick them into the avocado seed, make sure they are equally far away from each other, and they are halfway down into it. Then put it in a glass of water, through the toothpicks the avocado seed will be able to stay hydrated as it should be, in only an inch of water.

Make sure the seed is exposed to a lot of sunlight, and the place where it stays should be warm. The growing process will take from 2-6 weeks, and once the roots are visible and they are about 6 inches long, then you should cut the stem to 3 inches. Once the leaves have started to grow, cut them back to 3 inches, and once they read 6 inches again, the seed is ready for planting.


Get a larger container or a large pot. The pot should be at least 10 inches in diameter, and it should have a hole on the bottom in order to drain. Then fill up the pot with soil rich in nutrients, and make a small hole on the top where you will plant the seed. Put the seed in the hole, but make sure it is not too deep, and the top of the seed should be above the nutrient rich soil.


Once you’ve planted the seed, you can put the pot in an area that is exposed to a lot of sunlight. You should regularly water the tree, also be very generous with it, make sure the soil is moist all the time, but do not saturate it.

If you see the avocado leaves turn brown, it means that the plant needs more water. In that case take the pot and let water run through it for a coupe of moments in your sink, make sure that the water is drained through the hole.

But if you see your leaves getting a yellowish color and become droop, this means that your plant is getting too much water. In this case, don’t water the plant for a couple of days, and make sure you water it less than you used to before.

Enjoy In Your Baby Avocado Tree!

Make sure you take care of it properly, water it regularly and look at the signs that the leaves are showing you. And if you keep up the good work, in a few years you will have the most amazing, organic and raw avocado fruits in the world. Believe that there is nothing more satisfying than having a delicious, fresh and organic avocado tree at home!



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