How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels to Never Feel Sad, Stressed or Depressed Again

Dopamine is released by our brain, and it is a neurotransmitter that has the most important role and it is needed by many body functions.

Dopamine is the one that:

  • Regulates the movement
  • Regulates the secretion of prolactin
  • Improve your cognitive functions (attention, problem solving, knowledge, evaluation, decision making and memory)
  • Controls the pleasure and reward center in our brain

Now you see how important this neurotransmitter actually is. Therefore if the levels of this neurotransmitters are below the normal than you might start to experience negativity, sadness, emotional issues and depression.

Top 10 Natural Ways to Elevate the Levels of Dopamine

1. Music

Listening to music is one of the most effective ways to improve your dopamine levels.

2. Detoxification

The dopamine levels are decreasing if our immunity weaken, and the immune system can be weakened by too much toxic build ups in our body. Which means that a regular detoxification is needed.

3. Meditation

The levels of dopamine in our brain can also be increased with meditation, it is also improving our mood, creates a better mental energy and soothes our mind.

4. Exercise

The dopamine levels can be increased easily by doing any kind of exercises. This will also improve and elevate the endorphin and serotonin levels, which make you feel stronger, more relaxed, joyful and a lot happier.

5. Avoid Addictions

Enjoy life, make things that are improving your mood and make you happy, and don’t let any type of addictions to affect your mood such as, drugs, sex, alcohol, shopping or gambling.

6. Checklist

Even when you complete the tiniest tasks, your dopamine levels are quickly boosted, which means you need to write down the things you need to do through the day and check them every time you complete one.

7. Organize Yourself

It would be quite wise for you to keep a diary or a journal, that way you will stay focused on your achievements and goals. It will also make you feel a lot happier and it will increase the levels of dopamine.

8. Tyrosine

This chemical is very needed for the production of the dopamine, it is a key to the 22 acid that are needed for the creation of proteins, and it can increase the levels of norepinephrine in our body.

In order to maintain its levels, eat more watermelons, avocados, bananas, green tea, dark chocolate and almonds.

9. Supplementation

These few supplements (natural) will increase the levels of dopamine in your body:

  • Ginko Bilboa
  • Acetyl-l-tyrosine -- Boosts the ability of our body to produce dopamine
  • Green tea -- It increases the production of all brain neurotransmitters due to its high L-thenine
  • Curcumin -- Boost the dopamine levels by consuming turmeric supplements

10. Creativity

You can also be creative and find a way to increase your dopamine levels through the thing you do, like drawing, painting, cooking, dancing, singing, etc.



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