The Magic Onion: Things You Didn’t Know Onions Could Do

In many traditional dishes the most important ingredient are the onions, all across the globe people have been using it for cooking, and for its medicinal properties as well. It is considered to be the best natural ingredient to boost your immune system and treat vomiting. The onion is a member of the allium family, and its strong antibiotic and antiseptic properties come from the high containment of Sulfur.

Also the onions are a rich source of antioxidants, mostly Quercetin, and this antioxidant is able to fight against free radicals very easily. The most amazing thing about the onions that you probably didn’t know about is that they are the most common ingredient or natural remedy when it comes to the treatment of some health conditions or ailments.

Since the onions are one of the strongest expectorants, they can be used to treat many respiratory issues and diseases. Due to their powerful antioxidant properties, and the high containment of flavonoid and sulfur compounds, they can be used to treat heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes and for the regulation of cholesterol levels.

The Native Americans were using the onions as a natural remedy to treat common colds and flu. Also the World Health Organization (WHO), came positive with the fact that the onions are able to treat and relieve from coughs, bronchitis and many other respiratory infections and diseases.

How to treat health issues and numerous ailments with the use of onions:

Cough -- Get a medium sized lemon and peel it. Once you’ve done that slice it in equal halves and then cover both halves with brown sugar. Let the sugar act for an hour, and then they can be consumed. To treat cough you need to consume this natural remedy twice on daily basis.

Vomiting -- Get two onions, one yellow and one white and grate them. Squeeze out the juice from them, use a cheesecloth to do that. Then you can prepare peppermint tea, once it is brewed let it cool down. First you need to consume 2 teaspoons of the onion juice and after 5 minutes you should consume 2 teaspoons of the tea. Then take a 5 minute pause. After that repeat the same technique until you eliminate the symptoms.

The vomiting will disappear right away, and for nausea you will need about 15 minutes until it disappears.

Ear infections or pain -- Cop an onion in smaller pieces and wrap it in a thin sock. Place it directly on the painful or infected ear and put a hat on your head so that the sock stays in place. Take the onions off after the pain or infection goes away.

Colic -- For colic babies we will show you a famous Cherokee Indian recipe. First you need to get a diced yellow onion and boil it. Once the onion is boiled let it cool down a bit. Strain the mixture and feet your baby a single teaspoon of this tea every 60 minutes.

Fever -- Get a medium sized onion and slice it in thin pieces. Then rub a little bit of coconut oil on your feet. Put an onion slice on the arch of your feet and use a cling wrap to fix the onion to stay there. Put some socks on, it will help you eliminate illnesses and toxins from your body.

Breakup chest congestion -- Crush a few onions and mix them together with some coconut oil. Create a paste of the mixture and then rub it on your chest. Use a towel to vert your chest and you can put a shirt on.

Cuts -- The skin of the onion has transparent film, and this film contains antiseptic properties, therefore it has the ability to prevent from bleeding or stop it right away.

Purify the air -- If you want to eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air you can put thin onion slices in every corner of your house for a while.

Here are some more effective ways to clean:

  • Rub some onion juice on your hair to stimulate its growth
  • Rub some onion slices on you to prevent from freckling
  • Prevent iron from rusting by rubbing an onion slice on it
  • Spray boiled onion juice on your plants to protect them from bugs
  • Use onion slices for copper polishing and glassware

Try these simple techniques with the onions, you will surely be amazed by the effects!



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