These 14 Vegetarian Foods Contain More Iron Than Meat!

Mostly vegetarians are worried, if they are able to intake the proper amount of iron from the food they eat, that their body needs. According to the National Institutes Of Health, the recommended daily dose for iron is around 8-27 mg for adults. This amount of iron is mostly for grown men, but pregnant women and seasoned ladies are allowed to intake more than this recommended those.

People are highly convinced that they richest source of iron is meat, and that there is nothing else that contains more iron than meat. But anyway, the vegetarians are forced to find another source of iron since they are not eating meat. A source that will supply their bodies with proper amounts of iron. Well, the vegetarians are in luck, because we have made a list of the top 14 foods that are containing huge amounts of iron, and they can be easily prepared for a meal. Take look at them below!

1. Broccoli

Broccoli was proven to a very rich source of iron, and many other nutrients as well, including magnesium and vitamin K, which are also highly needed for our overall health. It is also containing huge amounts of vitamin C, it is very beneficial and is able to maintain our levels of iron.

2. Spinach

This is a dark-green leafy vegetable that is very high in iron. Only a few leaves of spinach, contain around 10 mg of iron in them. To supply your body with the needed daily dose of iron, prepare yourself a fresh spinach salad.

3. Kale

This vegetable is able to relieve you from exhaustion and energize your body, besides that it is very rich with iron. 3 measures of this plant are containing 3.6 mg of iron. It is mostly included in burgers, and you can include it in a soup as well.

4. Lentils

A cup of lentils, contains more iron than 8 oz of steak. Surprised? Well don’t be, because not only that, this plant is also very rich with proteins, dietary fiber and potassium as well. Try adding it into your fresh salads and soups.

5. Baked Potato

3 oz chicken serving contains less iron than a medium sized baked potato. Try to combine it with some steamed broccoli, melted cheddar or Greek yogurt.

6. Bok Choy

This is a Chinese Cabbage, it contains huge amounts of vitamin A, and it contains more iron than meat, because only a measure from this plant you get 1.8 mg of iron. You can eat it steamed or sauté.

7. Cashews

Every nut is highly recommended for every vegetarian, since all of the nuts are very high in proteins. But the cashews are in advantage of all the nuts, because they are also one of the richest sources of iron. Only a quarter measure of cashews contains 2 gr of iron.

8. Sesame Seeds

1.3 mg of iron is contained in one tablespoon of sesame seed. Try to include these seeds in your diet. For example you can sprinkle some seeds in your fresh green salad, or mix them with a dressing, sauce or your salsa.

9. Chickpeas

In only one measure there is half of the daily recommended dose of iron, which actually is 4.7 mg of iron, this is the daily recommended dose for an adult. Blend them with tomatoes, feta and a cucumber. When you mix them give them a slight touch of olive oil to enrich the taste.

10. Soybeans

In a cup of cooked soybeans there are at least 8 mg of iron, not only that, the soy beans are also one of the richest source of protein. They are highly recommended for vegans, since they are high in proteins.

11. Swiss Chard

A 6 oz of ground hamburger contains less iron than a measure of Swiss Chard, which contains more than 4 mg of iron. The Swiss Chard is also very rich with other nutrients, such as, omega-3 unsaturated fats, folates, and vitamins K, A and C.

12. Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate is able to provide some positive effects to improve the situation of your skin and teeth. Also the consumption of dark chocolate improves the ability of iron absorption. An oz of dark chocolate has 2 mg of iron, which means that 1 oz of meat contains less iron than dark chocolate.

13. Kidney Beans

There re 3 mg of iron contained in a measure of kidney beans. They are adored by the vegetarians as well, but not only them, many people are combining it with red meat, they are very tasty and beneficial for our body.

14. Tofu

In a half cup of tofu, there are 3 mg of iron, its properties are highly beneficial for us, a lot of medical advantages, and also it is one of the richest sources of iron.



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