Top 6 Herbs To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

There are a lot of things and health issues that can cause a hormonal imbalance, such as weight gain, chronic fatigue, bloating, or anxiety, also this slight hormonal imbalance might have a huge effect on your overall health.

The most important role in our organism is played by the hormones, because they are the ones that are regulating our digestion, metabolism, mood, tissue function, respiration, reproduction, stress, movement and growth function.

These hormonal imbalances might be a result from medical history, environmental pollutants, genetics, as well as stress and poor diet. Also they might be triggered from thyroid medications, birth control pills, insulin injections and hormone replacement therapies of course.

Also these things might trigger the hormonal imbalances:

  • Irregular periods
  • Brittle nails and hair
  • Appetite changes
  • Skin issues like acne
  • Sleeping problems
  • Low libido
  • Memory fog
  • Mood swings
  • Puffy eyes
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Night Sweats
  • Weight Gain
  • Hair loss
  • Lack of energy

But there is no need to panic, because we created a list of natural herbs that have the ability restore the balance in the hormone levels:

1. Ashwagandha

This is a natural plant that is like a natural adaptogen and is able to treat hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, reduce stress, and restore thyroid balance, and treat adrenal and hormonal imbalances. This plant is also able to prevent from Hashimoto and Graves disease and treat them as well. It has the ability to fight against anxiety and depression, and improve our mood.

2. Oatstraw

This plant has the ability to balance our hormones, strengthen our nerves, relieve from a headache, regulate some hormone producing glands, improve our mood, soothe our body and boost our blood flow as well.

Since this plant is a rich source of calcium, bio-available silica and magnesium, it is strengthening our bones as well. Also it is improving the health of our hair, nails, and skin, as well as improving our cholesterol levels.

3. Red Raspberry Leaf

From the leaves of this plant you can make tea, and this tea is rich with many vitamins, and it contains huge amounts of vitamin C, therefore strengthening our uterine. From there, it is able to prevent from a heavy blood flow, miscarriage, menstrual pain, hemorrhage, as well ass boost the male and female fertility.

For pregnant women, this tea is highly recommended since it can soothe the pain that occurs before and after the labor, stimulate the production of breast milk and reduce nausea.

4. Maca

This herb was used many years ago by the Peruvian people, they were using it to treat loss of libido, to boost their endurance and fertility. It can easily replace the adaptogenic agents and stimulate the hormonal production.

It is able to supply the body with the needed amount of hormones and adapt to it, or if there are more than needed, to reduce their amount, therefore normalizing the hormonal levels.

Also this plant is nourishing and stimulating the master glands in our body, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, and their job is to regulate every other gland in our body.

It is a natural Viagra, because it is improving our libido and it is boosting its endurance as well.

5. Milk Thistle

The milk thistle can restore the hormonal balance and detox our liver at the same time. Reduced progesterone and excessive estrogen hormone levels occur when our liver is filled with toxins.

When our liver is full of toxins the excess estrogen is not flushed and it is not made into waste, for our body to eliminate it. Therefore this herb is beneficial for our liver because it will improve our liver’s function as well as cleanse our body from toxins, as well as regulate our hormonal levels.

6. Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex)

For many years this herb was used as a natural alternative to treat menopausal symptoms, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, infertility, and protect us from miscarriage in the 1 trimester.

The main gland in our body is the pituitary gland and this plant can regulate it. Therefore it is regulating the function of every other smaller gland, and it is making sure that there aren’t any hormonal imbalances!

Now, having this read you know what to do, if a hormonal imbalance occurs try to treat it naturally at first, avoid medications and hormonal pills. Increase the intake of omega-3 fat acids, reduce stress, start exercising, eat healthier and find a well balanced diet, sleep well, and try some of these herbs.

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