Use Castor Oil And Baking Soda to Heal Your Body Naturally

Castor oil is a very potent oil, and our ancestors have been using it for treating many health problems and conditons.

The ricinus communis is a plant that 50% of it is castor oil. According to its ricinoleic acids it offers a lot of benefits. It has been used and known for a very long time, Ancient Egyptians have used Castor oil.

It was mostly used for beauty techniques, body cleansing or boosting the blod flow. If you are having pain in the joints, you can directly apply Castor oil to the area.

To accelerate the action use compression, it is also better for application and absorbing. It is also good for the blood circulation, it can improve it naturally. This method requires a gauze, baking soda, kitchen paper and a bottle of hot water.


Clean the area with some baking soda and water. After that pour some of the Castor oil on the gauze and cover the area with the gauze, then wrap the area and gauze with kitchen foil.

Then place the bottle of hot water on the area, and rinse it after 1 hour. This method lasts for 40 days.

This method can treat varicose veins, PMS, inflammation, improve the work of your liver and digestion issues.

24 Thins that can be treated by Castor Oil

  • Stop itching bug bites by applying Castor oil directly to the affected area.
  • If you naturally want to lighten dark skin, sinply Castor oil with baking soda.
  • With the baking soda and Castor oil mix, you can alkalize your body.
  • It has the ability to heal wounds and small cuts. To accelerate hair growth massage it to your scalp.
  • To prevents from snoring, apply it directly to your chest.
  • It has the ability to remove pilonidal cyst.
  • To make warts disappear simply rub it on them.
  • You can get rid of the pain in sprined ankles, massage them with the oil.
  • To prevent from getting athletes feet and removing fungi, massage your feet with it.
  • If you drink water with 3 drops of this oil for 4 months, you can cure tinnitus.
  • If you have lumbar or cervical pain, apply Castor oil on your back.
  • Cure cataract by adding just one drop of the oil.
  • Remove stretch marks by massaging yourself with Castor oil.
  • By directly adding the oil to sprained ankles, you can prevent from the pain.
  • To remove any calluses, massage your feet with the oil.
  • You can cure diarrhea, simply by rubbing it on your belly.
  • It makes your muscules relax.
  • Drink a few drops daily to stop any nicotine or alcochol addiction.
  • You can remove wax buildup in your ear by putting just one drop in your ear.
  • To cure conjunctivitis, rub it on your eyelids.
  • You can treat nodules by directly applying the oil to your neck.
  • To minimize allergies sip 5 drops of it daily.

Source:  My Home Medicine | Natural Living Ideas


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