How to Use the Keto Diet to Lose Weight and Fight Disease in 2018

After the holidays and New Year’s evening, everybody is looking for a quick way to lose 10, 30 or 50 pounds, and for many people this is the main priority. It doesn’t matter if this is your main goal or not, what’s important is do you know a way to start which is effective?

For many centuries there were many diets which faded away before they were used by more people.

For example in the Military Diet, there were many foods included such as ice cream, and hot dogs and this diet promised that you will lose 10 pounds in a week. Also there is this Cabbage Soup Diet, which recommended to eat very few other things besides the cabbage soup, and it promised to eliminate the extra pounds.

You can see it by yourself, these diets cannot provide long-term effects, because once you stop them or you start eating a little bit differently you will start gaining weight again! Which is why these food plans and diets may have a large impact on your general health. The risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other health diseases can be increased by an unhealthy diet!

But we are in luck, because there are some different ways to lose those extra pounds in a very short period of time. Also this way that will help you lose weight will provide many health benefits and will improve your health in general. Let us introduce you to the ketogenic diet, in which there are foods that contain low amounts of carbs and high amounts of fat, from which there are many weight losing and health improving benefits provided.

History of the Ketogenic Diet

500 BC, the fasting was used by people who were trying to treat epilepsy. After a couple of thousand years, in the 1920s health specialists and doctors started to develop the ketogenic diet as well, which also was used to treat epilepsy!

This is possible because the ketogenic diet enters a state of ketosis, just like the fasting. When you are consuming foods that contain very low amounts of carbohydrates, like the ones in the ketogenic diet, your body starts to use the carbohydrates as fuel, instead of using the glucose, therefore it stores the fat for energy.

For many years this diet was on the rise, and more and more people were using it in order to prevent or reverse a disease, and provide its many health benefits and lose some extra pounds of course. And today it is one of the most famous food plants on the planet. This is a very positive thing, because doctors also concluded that people who are using this diet are also reducing the risk of developing cancer and they can easily fight depression and prevent from it.

How The Keto Diet Works

Weight Loss

It is easy to see how this diet can make us lose weight so fast. Since the diet is very low in carbohydrates and it switches to using fat as energy, instead of burning glucose it makes us lose the fat and therefore we reduce our body weight.

According to a recent study in which, there were 83 obese patients that were put on the keto diet for 24 weeks, which made them to lose enormous amount of fat and reduce their body weight. Also another study has shown that the hunger can be decreased with a diet that is high in protein ketogenic, instead of a diet that is non-ketogenic.


The ability to lose weight and burn fat are not the only benefits that can be provided from this diet, we also receive an enormous amount of health benefits too!

One of the best health benefits that can be provided from a keto diet, is the one that protects us from cancer, because the diet has cancer fighting abilities, it cancer cells grow because of carbohydrates, and they spread in our body through them, but the keto diet is burning the carbohydrates as fuel.

Even though that all of the researches were preformed in a laboratory and they were done on animals, there are some facts that show that a ketogenic diet is able to reduce the growth of a tumor, and also increase the survival rates too!


For people who are dealing with type 2 diabetes, know that if they want to prevent from spikes in their blood sugars they need to manage and moderate the intake of carbohydrates (about 45 to 60 carbohydrates in every meal). According to a recent research being on a keto diet, will more effectively reduce or regulate the blood sugar levels because it reduces the carbs intake, also it will reverse the diabetes condition too.

Also there was a study which was done on 84 participants who had type 2 diabetes, they were separated in 2 groups, one that was on a keto diet, and one with a low-glycemic index for  24 weeks. Those on the ketogenic diet, compared to those who were on the low-glycemic group, had a much better improvement in their blood sugar, and were more likely to reduce the intake of diabetes medications or even stop the intake.

Heart Disease

The ketogenic diet is perfect for our heart health, because it is also able to prevent from numerous heart diseases, and reduce the risk of their development.

In a study which was done in 2002, it was proven that the keto diet can elevate the levels of the HDL cholesterol, while decreasing the levels of the triglycerides. Also later in another study it was once more proven that being on a 24 week keto diet, could reduce the total and LDL cholesterol levels, levels of triglycerides and reduce the risk of many heart diseases as well.

Tips for a Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Now that you know the main benefits of the keto diet, it is also very important that you understand that if you slash the carbs intake while increasing the fat intake might be a very tricky process.  Therefore it is very good to start on a modified ketogenic diet, which has 30% calories from carbs, 30% from protein and 40% from fat.

Here are a few more healthy tips for the ketogenic diet:

  • Since the intake of fiber is decreased, make sure you stay hydrated at all times, because one f the main issues in this diet is the constipation. In order to keep moving things through the whole day, you need to drink a lot of water.
  • Make sure you consume good carbohydrates, because the intake of carbs is also reduced, therefore the ones you consume make sure they are rich in nutrients and they are very healthy. One of the best options are low-glycemic fruits and non-starchy veggies.
  • Consume healthy fats, because this diet increases the intake of fats, therefore you want to increase the intake of olive oil, instead of fats that are contained in the margarine or the vegetable oils. Other healthy fats are contained in the chia seeds, coconut oil, avocados, flaxseed and ghee.


If you want to treat epilepsy with the ketogenic diet, you must consult with a doctor or a health specialist. If you are dealing with diabetes and want to go on a keto diet, first you want to test your blood sugar levels, and keep testing them as much often as possible, to make sure everything is okay. If there are any side-effects such as weakness, irritability, insomnia or fatigue, you need to increase the intake of carbohydrates.

But however, many people have found this diet helpful and beneficial to lose weight, fight chronic diseases, and prevent from many health issues!



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