Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms that Most People Ignore

Many people are in the struggle from day to day, and keep ignoring the signals that their body is sending because it is not treated and supported in one way or another. Do you know how many people use caffeine to have more “energy” or they use some pills to mask some unpleasant symptom. So, it is not a huge surprise that the deficiencies of vitamins in our body are missed for a longer period than they should be.

Mostly the women, don’t listen to the signals that are sent by their body and live the life pf mediocre health.

One of all the missing vitamins is the most important, the B12 vitamin. It is very needed for the nerve health, bonding process of nucleic acids and the process of production red blood cells. If the deficiency increases a lot it can result in a nerve damage. Keep reading the article, below see if any of the symptoms appear, it would be a result of B12 deficiency.

Since our body is not naturally producing this vitamin, you must supply your body with it, through animal-based foods or supplements. We must do this regularly, because this vitamin cannot be stored for a very long period of time.

You may have a vitamin B12 deficiency if you often experience or have:

  • Yellow or pale skin tone
  • Your tongue is smooth
  • Your vision is not clear, you’re losing it
  • Lightheadedness, vertigo, fatigue or weakness
  • Digestive system issues like frequent gases, diarrhea or loss of appetite and taste
  • Shortness of breath and heart palpitations
  • Your mental health is poor, mood swings, depression and memory loss
  • Muscle weakness, problems with walking, numbness

If you think you are in lack of this vitamin or any other vitamin, visit your doctor and ask for a blood test, and have your vitamin levels checked.

The ones with the highest risk of vitamin deficiency are:

Vegetarians and vegans

The vitamin B12 is only found in animal proteins, and for those who chose to be on a herb and plant based diet, should be very aware of their situation and should take supplements to avoid the deficiency that can cause a lot of problems.

People which digestive system’s have the absorptive ability were compromised.

These people can be the ones with a thinned stomach, Celiac or Crohn’s disease, atrophic gastritis or pernicious anemia. Also people who have been using medications to reduce their stomach acids, the ones with bacterial growth or parasite, and the ones that are heavy drinkers.

People who’s parts of the stomach were removed, so they would use weight a lot faster are also at a high risk of vitamin deficiency.

Those with immune disorders such as Grave’s disease or Lupus

If someone has autoimmune disorders, those cells which were supposed to attack foreign bodies and protect our body, are now attacking their own bodie’s tissues. This lowers the body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins.

Those age 50 or older

As we grow older and older, also our abilities become less effective and strong. So does the body’s ability to absorb vitamins from foods we consume. So it is wise for those of you who are older than 50 to test your vitamin levels from time to time, you might need to take vitamin supplements.

Perimenopausal, pregnant or lactating women

Perimenopausal women experience some of the symptoms like mood swings, dizziness, fatigue and many others. A lot of these symptoms are very similar to the ones that are caused from B12 vitamin deficiency. So it is wise at this period for women to test their vitamin levels, and use supplements to avoid the issues from deficiency of vitamins.

While pregnancy, the lack of vitamin can be a serious problem, it can cause death to the baby. The mothers which are vegan, must stay very healthy and take care of themselves, also they should watch on their vitamin levels of B12, because with that they will avoid and prevent their baby from  developmental delays, getting anemia or even failure to thrive.

How to Prevent it Naturally

Therefore, there are some people who avoid the deficiency of B12 vitamin by eating a diet that includes all the foods the body needs, such as seafood, meat, dairy products, poultry and eggs. For Vegetarians and vegans, that eat very small amount of dairy and eggs, need to take vitamin supplements and take care of their vitamin levels.

There are many natural supplements such as Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin, it is natural, very well balanced, and it is mostly used by vegetarians to improve their overall health. The ingredients that are contained in it, are improving the digestive system, plus it feeds the body with nutrients, it is recommended for women’s needs also.

Disclaimer: Please remember that the shared information, is not a
substitute for medical advice from professionals, or any treatment/diagnosis,
it is simply, information. Always try to ask for advice from a
specialist or a health provider. Do not, disregard any medical advice,
or treatment you were given from specialists, because of something
you’ve read here. We repeat, it is nothing close to diagnosis or
treatment, it is information only!

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