We All Have It At Home, But Do You Know How To Use It?

Every time you make some coffee for yourself or for your friends, the coffee grounds are thrown away after the coffee is consumed.

But why do we do that, why do we throw away the coffee grounds when they can be used for many purposes in many different ways.

Once you drink the coffee, put the coffee ground on a paper and put it in your oven to heat up, in order to completely dry it.

Once the coffee ground is dry, you can use it as a soap substitute, as an exfoliator, or in some other ways.

The Coffee Grounds can Help You With these Things

Reduce the Appearance of Dark Bags Under the Eyes

The dry coffee grounds should be mixed with some olive oil, then use that mixture by applying it under your eyes, therefore you will relieve from those ugly dark bags.

A Great Cellulite Remover

The main ingredient that is contained in the coffee is the caffeine, therefore the coffee grounds are filled with caffeine as well. Caffeine is also contained in thousands of commercial anti-cellulite products, therefore you may also use the coffee grounds for that purpose. Create the same mixture with the olive oil and the coffee grounds, and rub the mixture on the areas where you have cellulite.

Hair Energizer

Rubbing the dry coffee grounds into your hair will simply breathe life into your hair, it will nourish it with countless nutrients.

Neutralize Odors

If your trash can or your refrigerator have a bad odor, then on a piece of small paper put dry coffee grounds and let them stay in there for a couple of days. The results will amaze you in the end.

A Great Soap Substitute

Sometimes if you unexpectedly run out of soap, you can use the coffee instead, because it is able to eliminate the dirt from your skin..

Repel Ants

If you notice the appearance of ants in your home, simply sprinkle a little bit of dry coffee ground in those areas, and they will go away.

Repel Fleas

If you want to protect your dog from fleas, then you only need to rub some dry coffee grounds into its fur, you can also rub it if they are already in there.

Grill Cleaner

When you go on a picnic you surely want your grill to be clean, but that is not always the case. So, what you want to do is get a sponge and add a little bit of dry coffee grounds on it and rub the grill, it will shine as new.

Natural Pot Cleaner

The texture of the coffee ground is mild abrasive, therefore they can be used as a natural cleaning product for pans, pots and some other surfaces at home.

Repel Snails

Snails can be annoying in your garden, so you can use the coffee grounds to keep them away. Simply sprinkle some dry coffee ground on the plants and where they usually appear.

Plant Fertilizer

Coffee grounds are also very good for plant fertilizing, sprinkling some on your plants will keep them fresh and shiny, because the coffee grounds contain a lot of nutrients.

Repel Wasps and Mosquitoes

If you want to keep the wasps and the mosquitoes away from you during the summer time, then you can rub some dry coffee ground on your legs and your hands, you will prevent from them and from bites as well.

Prevent From Cats Scratching the Furniture

The cats cannot stand the smell of coffee, so if you want to keep them from scratching your furniture, then sprinkle some dry coffee ground around and they will stay away.

Source: justherbalrecipes.com


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