Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Due to the Wi-Fi’s convenience every home has it. But there are some safety concerns and some researches that have concluded that the Wi-Fi is harmful for our overall health, especially for smaller children. Besides that every person uses it, it is affecting many things from our sleep quality to our brain health in a negative way.

Dangers from Wi-Fi

Agitates our Brain’s Function

Our brain function and our concentration are affected by the Wi-Fi. We often experience memory loss and we find it difficult to concentrate, due to the reduced brain activity, which is affected by the Wi-Fi radiation.

May Trigger Insomnia

The Wi-Fi is affecting our sleep very much, and that is why sometimes you are unable to fall asleep or your sleeping pattern is irregular. This is very likely to be caused by the low-frequency modulation of our Wi-Fi and smart phones. Some people are having difficulties falling asleep because they are constantly exposed to Wi-Fi radiation. We are all aware how sleep deprivation can affect our overall health.

It’s Damaging the Childhood Development

The normal cellular development, especially the fetal one can be easily disrupted by the non-thermal radio frequency from the Wi-Fi in our homes. This is a radiation that is affecting the growing tissues, like in youth and in children.

Elevates the Risk of Cancer

The risk of developing tumor is elevated as we are exposing ourselves to electromagnetic radiation.

Neutralizes the Sperm

A man’s virility is another thing that is threatened by the Wi-Fi. The sperm movement is reduced due to the exposure to the Wi-Fi frequencies, therefore causing DNA fragmentation as well. Also it can elevate the risk of abnormal pregnancy and is able to impact the fertility.

How to protect yourself from the Wi-Fi radiation?

There are several ways that you can protect yourself from the Wi-Fi radiations and the dangers that follow, such as:

  • Talk less, text more
  • Before you go to bed, disconnect every Wi-Fi device in the house
  • Stop using baby monitors that use Wi-Fi to work, because they are all operating on a microwave frequency
  • When you go to bed, your cell phone should be on the other side of your room where you sleep
  • Don’t place your phone near your belly, during pregnancy
  • To decrease the electromagnetic radiation, use wired phones at home
  • Do not carry your phone around in your pocket
  • Don’t put a Wi-Fi router in your bedroom, nor your kitchen

Source: cleannaturalmedicine.com


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