World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

A famous surgeon, known all around the globe, with over 25 years of experience and more than 5000 open-heart surgeries in his life, he decided to tell the truth. He said that he admits the huge mistake that he and his colleagues have been doing for a long time!

He is saying that they were so wrong then they thought that heart diseases were caused by elevated blood cholesterol. He also says that the most common treatment is including medications to lower the cholesterol in the body and a diet that doesn’t let you intake fats, but all of that is not effective.

The doctor thinks that the treatment for heart diseases needs to change, since they discovered that the main cause for it is the inflammation in the artery wall.

He says that every day more people are dying from a heart disease, even if 25% or more of the world’s population is on a strict diet that doesn’t allow intake of fats, or on expensive stain medications.

American Heart Association counted, 75 million Americans suffering from a heart disease at the moment, 20 million are suffering from diabetes and 57 million that are in a pre-diabetes phase.

Heart diseases and strokes can me provided from the cholesterol that builds up on the walls of the blood vessels caused by inflammation. The cholesterol would move freely through the body only if the inflammation was treated.

The body’s main defense mechanism to foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses and toxins is inflammation. It is very beneficial because it protects us from the negative effects.

Yes, chronic inflammation can be caused by the exposure to such invaders.

And chronic inflammation can be caused by our everyday diets that are very low in fats and have a lot of carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fat, which damages our blood vessels.

For so long we were recommended to use low-fat diets, even though they were bad for our blood vessels and they were causing chronic inflammation!

Chronic inflammation is most commonly caused by the intake of highly processed and simple omega-6 and carbohydrates which are contained in sunflower, corn oil and soybean.

So that’s why the constant intake of these foods, every day, several times can lead to chronic inflammation in our body. But the consuming of sugar which contains carbohydrates, increases the levels of the blood sugar, and the insulin.

Its purpose is to get sugar into every cell where it is stored for energy, but if these cells are full, the levels of blood sugar rise in our body and it is stored in fat!

The extra sugar, attaches to proteins that can damage the blood vessels, which can also lead to an inflammation.

So, processed foods are very rich with omega-6 oils and sugar, which can ensure a long shelf life. The oils are very important, because they are a part of cell membranes, but firstly they must be in a balance with the omega-3’s.

If they are not in balance, chemicals are caused by the cell membranes known as cytokines, which cause inflammation right away.

The modern diets are never in balance of these 2 ingredients, the imbalance is as high as 30:1, this causes more cytokines which causes inflammation.

Therefore, these foods are causing weight gain very much, which causes an overload of fat cells which causes pro-inflammatory chemicals to be developed. It’s a simple fact, our body wasn’t designed to eat such processed foods , which cause a lot of negative effects on our health.

So, as this surgeons suggests, to prevent from these side effects and illnesses you should eat more natural foods, protein and colorful vegetables and fruits which contain more complex carbohydrates. You should also replace soybean and corn oil with olive oil and butter from grass-fed beef.

According to this surgeon, the animal fats have less than 20% omega-6, so they are less likely to cause inflammation. So it is absurd not to intake fats, since we know that cholesterol is not the cause of heart attacks and diseases. But they are caused by silent killers like arterial inflammation.

So start feeding yourself as your grandparents and you can forget about the diseases. Leave the processed foods on the market, focus on eating raw and fresh foods that are full of nutrients.

This way you will support your heart health and you will prevent from damaging your arteries, you’ll avoid inflammation and many silent killers like it.

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